Changing Hearts, Changing Lives

Our Vision

Proclaim the truths of the Catholic Church with listener-supported radio in Anchorage that strengthens Catholics’ faith and acts as a voice and resource for Catholic values and moral stands on public issues

Our Mission

To evangelize, educate, comfort, inform and inspire.


Our Mission Requires Your Presence.

 Our world is full of voices.

A very low power (100w) non-profit community radio station is coming to Anchorage, which features a daily mix of Catholic news, Gospel, discussion and culture!  Specialty shows will touch lives and change hearts featuring Scripture readings plus a strong focus on local, regional and national issues of Catholic concern.  School Choir, Plays, Rosary, Homebound outreach, Homilies and Apologetics will be interspersed with content from ETWN.

The programs of Holy Rosary Academy Radio, Inc will benefit the larger community by inspiring creativity and thinking about issues in new ways.  Media fosters the consumption of music, but a community station can expose listeners to a new quality of local ideas and encourage listeners to learn about and experience Catholicism.

Holy Rosary Academy is incorporated as a non-profit, educational organization. As such the organization will provide educational opportunities in its everyday broadcast operations. The organizational will also broadcast educational programming to the community, to improve and uplift the quality of life in the community.

We need your support today to make this radio station dream a reality!

Please consider donating online at www.hraak.org or send checks Holy Rosary Academy, 1010 W Fireweed, 99503 made out to “Holy Rosary Academy – Radio Fund”.

2 Responses to About

  1. Maria Sergeeva says:

    Do you happen to have a schedule of what you broadcast? Would you like me to put one together and post it somehow? If you need any help with anything, let me know! I’m not all that helpful financially speaking, but would be more than willing to do any other type stuff. Thanks!

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